Estate Administration for the Modern Lawyer

Legala is a system for estate administration for bankruptcy and estate cases, streamlining, simplifying, and freeing up time for lawyers and case handlers to focus on other tasks in the estate administration process. The system is currently used by both small and large law firms throughout Norway

Bobehandling for den moderne advokat

Simplify estate administration with our efficient features

Legala transforms estate administration for bankruptcy and estate cases, simplifying processes and liberating valuable time for legal professionals. Trusted by law firms of all sizes across Norway

Dashboard with the Estate's Status

Get a quick overview of the estate's status with our dynamic dashboard

Automatic Debtor Information

All necessary debtor information is automatically included in the estate

Automatic Financial Figures

Retrieve financial figures for the last five years with a single click

Automatic Formalities

Formalities such as organization number and VAT status are automatically included in the process

Direct Brønnøysund Data

The roles of the debtor are retrieved directly from the Brønnøysund Register

Mass Sending with One Click

Send opening messages and notifications to all stakeholders with a single click

Automatic Letter Filling

All necessary information is automatically included in outgoing letters, with the correct signature

Processing of Claims, Expenses, and Assets

Easily input claims, expenses, and assets, which are automatically recorded

Accounting and Payroll Guarantee

Utilize our built-in accounting system for seamless payroll processing. Automate the entire payroll guarantee process with our dedicated system. Accounting follows a natural flow throughout the estate administration


No Employees


For an estate with no employees

  • Free setup, onboarding and support
  • Accounting
  • Mass Mailings and Correspondence
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Generation of Reports and Other Standard Letters
  • Registration of Claims
  • Storage for 6 months after the estate is closed
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With Employees


For an estate with employees

  • Everything from No Employees
  • Employees and Salary Claims
  • Generation of Forms for NAV Salary Guarantee
  • Payroll Runs
  • Submission of A-melding to Altinn
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Invoicing is charged directly to the bankruptcy estates, and the payroll module can be offset against the payroll guarantee


Integration with Altinn0,-
Integration with the Norwegian Tax Authority (VAT)0,-
Login with Microsoft 3650,-
Integrated Document Generation with Word 365186,- / estate
Integration may require a subscription to the relevant service. This cost is in addition to the integration price and is not managed by Legala